Method Man & Redman Discuss Future Projects

Method Man and Redman recently chopped it up with the beautiful Sophia Ray of King Ov Da Hillz TV, where they discussed a variety of topics, including the highly anticipated upcoming collaborative album Blackout! 3 and the progress of How High 2.

When Ray asked Method Man when Blackout! 3 is expected to release, Method Man states “Well, we’re not sure when it’s gonna drop. Hopefully it’ll be the top of next year or the bottom of this year.” On what we can expect from it, he says “They can just expect more Meth and Red, you know, Red and Meth shit. Same shit we’ve been doing. Smoking, drinking, stinking, the works.”

Redman on How High 2: “We just had a meeting in California with Universal and it went good, so we’re hoping for good things.” He wouldn’t offer any secrets in terms of potential guest appearances, but built extra anticipation by saying “We can’t really say that now, but it’s gonna be a big twist, believe that.” Method Man couldn’t help but smile when this was said.

Doc also showed his respect for the love that they get from international fans,  stating “Everywhere over here, international waters… they appreciate hip hop a little bit more than America, the fans are still there in America.” When asked about what has changed with the industry since they came up, Redman says “It just changed for the level of respect for the word ‘hip hop.’ You know, when we came in we had to have leverage for what we have been going through as far as battles and you had to be nice before you put out a record. Now, anyone can just come out with a record and be the man, without that respect.”

Check out the full interview below, which includes some footage of their recent performance in the UK.

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