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Monday Melody: The Best of T.I.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Best Of.  So why not bring it back ? What better way to bring it back than with a certain rapper that’s been all in the headlines recently. That’s right, long face skinny body, got more guns than Afghanistan himself is the subject at hand for this edition of Best Of. Oh you dont recognize him by those names?  How bout these names: Clifford Harris, T.I. ? Those ring a bell? Good.

For someone who’s been in the rap game for over a decade it’s safe to say T.I. has hits for days but we all know that best of’s aren’t just about the hits. It’s about the fan favorites, the classic album cuts, the ones that don’t  get radio play but yet get played at concerts and the fans know every word bar for bar. I’m talking about the “I’m Talkin To You”, the “Still Ain’t Forgave Myself” , the “Stand Up”. Those type of records. So that being said let’s look at 41 of T.I.’s best tracks. Sorry no features in this playlist. I’ll save that for later. So hit play, bankhead bounce and be prepared to catch yourself from slapping any coworkers that may side eye you for having this turned up too loud.

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