Jeezy releases 'Beautiful' featuring Rick Ross and The Game (Audio)

Jeezy has a new album titled Seen It All, and he released a new single off the album, this one titled ‘Beautiful.’ The song is produced by Black Metaphor and has a mellow and smooth beat that is kind of light.

He recruits Miami rapper and MMG boss Rick Ross and west coast rapper The Game for the track, and the three of them fit together rather seamlessly for the mellow track.

What is interesting about this song is how they all mix together in it. Normally with features, a guest either does the hook or a verse, sometimes both. In this track, the first two hooks are done by The Game and Jeezy, and then the last hook is done with Ross and Jeezy right before Ross’ verse.

The last hook features all three of them going back and forth for a really cool sound and vibe.

The hook goes:

“I got a bad b–ch from Vogue
Told her strike a pose
Step to the side and look at them thighs
That b–ch beautiful
I got a Lambo, two doors
Two seaters, two hoes
Yokohamas, no Vogues
Man, that b–ch beautiful
Champagne fountains, crib in the mountains
2-mile-long driveway
Man, that ho beautiful
I got a condo up in the sky
‘Fore I fake it, I’d die
Foreign b–ch, no lie
Man, that b–ch beautiful”

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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