Will Smith performs ‘Summertime’ shirtless in Las Vegas (Video)

It looks like the old adage “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” has disappeared with the inventions of smart phones ready to video and record everything. That is what happened to actor Will Smith on Friday, though I bet he doesn’t really mind.

Smith showed up at the Palms Pool and Dayclub and got on stage and performed the song “Summertime.” Smith has become so successful as an actor, and has been acting for so long it is almost hard to remember that he was a very successful rapper back in the day.

What makes this all the better, is that DJ Jazzy Jeff was there manning the 1’s and 2’s. Smith also got shirtless and danced to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s old hit “Jump On It.”

It has been a big week for Smith, who reportedly is set to film and release a third installment of the Bad Boys series co-staring Martin Lawrence.

You can watch Smith’s brief performance below.

The “Jump On It” part of the show.

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