HAIM releases 'My Song 5' video ft. A$AP Ferg

Rapper A$AP Ferg has teamed up with HAIM for the remix of their track “My Song 5.” They ahve now released a video for the song, which is centered around break ups and being cheated on, in the style of a Maury or Jerry Springer type show.

A$AP Ferg does a great job carrying on the theme of the song in his verse telling a story and responding from the guy’s perspective, though with a somewhat graphic twist.

Here are the lyrics to A$AP Ferg’s verse (via Rap Genius):

“Can you handle the truth? I don’t think you can
Jealous ‘cause I’m working with this female band
She wanna, consume the world and get all females banned
Always talk about marriage, I don’t see those plans
And yes, I cheated once and so did you
You let your girl eat you out like a bowl of soup
And how you didn’t include master bruce?
Two girls in the nude I couldn’t wait to intrude
I couldn’t wait to penetrate the both of you two
You probably been scared I wasn’t noticing you
Scared I’d be occupied with your friend, my nose in the boobs
But, we ain’t play that game cause we know you probably would lose
Honey pie, don’t front like you goodie-two-shoes
You ain’t got no money, how’d you get those shoes?
I put the clothes on your back, this the thanks I get?
Is this April? This must be a prank of some s–t”

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