Rich Boy releases 'Ridin Thru My City' ft. The Game (Audio)

Rich Boy has dropped a new track titled “Ridin Thru My City.” He recruits West Coast rapper The Game for the track, produced by Hit Boy.

The track has a great beat that feels toned down and heavy.

Here is The Game’s verse, via Rap Genius:

I’m something like an animal, gorilla slash cannibal
Riding with the cannon, I’ll put something in your cantaloupe
And this sh-t classic, yeah, something like a can of coke
[?] came and got me cause he knew I was the antidote
If you thought Eminem was dope, meet the man from Interscope
That opened up the Phantom door, pull out a chopper and a scope
Bullets like the [?], red bandana tote
More P’s than Mississippi, even David Banner know
I got an Alabama ho, cock back the hammer slow
She just left Compton, now she sliding down Atlanta poles
Met a chick from the Lou’, that’s my country grammar ho
Sing like Nelly and she blow like Barry Manilow
Riding through my city wearing more red than Santa Claus
My life a movie, I am legend, red drop and a dog
Trunk vibrating like a playstation analog
Flying through Compton like Serena William’s tennis balls

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