Exclusive: The Man Behind the Rihanna Coke Comments Tells His Side

A Navy of Rihanna fans have been cyber-bullying a Philadelphia man known by his former Instagram name @easy1money  since he re-posted the now infamous video of Rihanna and friends hanging out, listening to music, twerking and allegedly dabbling in a little bit of the coco.

@easy1money, whose real name is Eric Simmons, re-posted the video using Repost Whiz with the caption: “Rihanna snort coke now” followed by the hashtag: #shedanextWhitney.”

“I was not the 1st person to release the Rihanna video. Her friends who filmed her were the 1st. Then I woke up and seen it on my Instagram. I [used] Repost Whiz [to share the video]. A lot of my followers [used] Repost wiz back and you know the IG name shows who you got your Repost Whiz from. Mines just so happened to be the most trendy.” Rihanna got wind of the trending video, which sparred a war of words between Simmons, the “B*tch Better have My Money” singer and her loyal fan base, known as the Navy.

“Since everything has happened I’ve been questioned by many and looked at as a rapist. Being labeled a sex offender is the worse label you can have because it never goes away and your never forgiven. For the record I am not a sex offender, I have never abused or violated anyone sexually in any way shape or form.”

“[Rihanna] threatened to sue and some fans and blog sites made a lot of false accusations that I really can’t speak on for the simple fact that I plan on filing a [law]suit,” he explained. “Blog sites and fans as well as Rihanna wanna cyber bully me and slander my name. The accusations that were made are false and exaggerated.” Simmons plans on taking legal action against a few blog sites, the superstar and some fans due to the false accusations regarding him being a rapist, as well as threats to his family. The aftermath has not been easy of Simmons and his family, who “are dealing with it the best way [they] know how.”

Despite the backlash, Simmons stands behind posting the caption and hasn’t budged on his original sentiment. “I believe she was doing cocaine because she was playing with something on the table that resembled a rolled up dollar bill and she was playing with her nose. 1+1 usually=2.” Even after everything, Simmons proclaims his affection for the pop star. “I’m definitely a fan of her music. She is very talented and very beautiful. I’ve seen some shows. She’s an icon already. You can’t take that away from her but that gives [her] no right to look down on me or make threats and disrespect and downplay me. “I’m a man before the bullsh*t, at the end of the day. You push me I push back – straight up. Excluding nobody.”