New York hip hop duo Constant Deviants drop fifth studio album ‘Omerta’

New York hip hop duo Constant Deviants recently dropped their fifth studio album Omerta and if you haven’t already checked this out, you need to get on it.

Made up of MC M.I. and DJ Cutt this duo have successfully worked together since the ’90s, establishing themselves as important members of New York’s underground hip hop scene.


They came together when they started playing college parties in upstate New York with their debut singles bringing them to the attention of some bigger names in the business.

J. Cole‘s current manager Mark Pitts signed M.I. to a deal with Artista in 2000 while DJ Cutt has worked as an engineer on several Roc-a-Fella albums.

Since then, they have formed Six2Six Records where they have released all of their albums to date.

Their fourth studio album Avant Garde was met with great praise on sites like Underground Hip Hop so expectations were high for Omerta.

After a comprehensive listen to this record it’s safe to say that Constant Deviants have produced another winner.

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Their website describes the tracks as:

“A series of vignettes set in a metaphorical criminal underworld. They depict familiar times, events and cultural reference points as a formula for conveying parallel meaning.”

I-95” is one of the best tracks on the record with a catchy beat and a tune that will ring around your head all day. M.I. flows over the beat without rest for a solid two minutes. The only criticism here is that this track could run for two more minutes while still retaining its quality.

With this release Constant Deviants have tried to bring a greater focus to their songwriting than ever before by adapting the personas of Luciano and Lanksy with each of their respective heritages.

“They depict familiar times, events and cultural reference points as a formula for conveying parallel meaning.”

One of Jo Pesci‘s most memorable scenes in “Goodfellas” is sampled on the album’s opening track “GTFOH” (“Get The F*** Out of Here”) as an introduction to this criminal underworld.

Bada Bing” and “Make My Bones” paint an even greater picture of this life of crime while also staying true to Constant Deviants crisp sound.

You can check out all of Constant Deviants music here.