Daz…The Martyr Of The Kardashian Clan

The Dazmanian devil, Daz Dillinger, has spun himself right into the webs of the law. Poetic justice or just a flex of Kimye’s power?

Daz, Daz, Daz…it’s apparent that we all saw it coming except Mr. Delmar Arnaud himself – rap moniker Daz Dillinger. The latest development in the debacle that is Daz Dillinger vs. Kanye West comes on the heels of his recent Instagram video directing Nick Cannon to assault Mr. West, but not without also slandering his wife Kim Kardashian along with her family like smashed pumpkins on Halloween – which strangely enough fits the season. However, Daz may have decided to play checkers with the wrong chest enthusiasts.

If “Next Friday” was mixed with “Friday the 13th,” their offspring would bear striking resemblance to the universe’s play of comedic horror starring Suge Knight, Dillinger, and Kimye.  The Plot? Suge is sentenced to 28 years in prison and Daz Dillinger, in celebratory fashion, puffs a cigar on Instagram. A couple days later, Mr. Dillinger is facing the same fate after his house was raided and he was booked for 12 counts of possession of a controlled substance and one count of possession of more than one ounce of marijuana. Has the sound of a box office smash, doesn’t it?Unfortunately for Daz, this plot describes the events of his present predicament.

It begs the question, were the Kardashians the masterminds behind this twist of coincidence? Shalt we delve a bit deeper? Kanye West became the target of Daz’s onslaught when the sunken place had him in a choke hold of depression and a term I am now coining “The Kanye Effect.” His symptoms included, but were not restricted to, outbursts of conscious streaming with a high lack of evidence to support any logical basis. Upon his return from a twitter hiatus, Kanye seemed a little more Kanye-ish than usual, but it was his support for Donald Trump along with his statement, “Slavery was a choice,” that set Daz upon him like Blac Chyna to underage rapper, peanut butter to jelly, or as us Trinbagonians say-Bara to Chana. This prompted Dillinger to put out the diss record “True To The Game (Part 2)” aimed at Yeezy, and even instructed his fellow Crips to, quote on quote, “F**k Kanye up”.

Now on the cusp of hinting more lyrical bars to be fired on a song also titled “f**k Kanye up”, Dillinger has ironically enough found himself behind bars.

So, I ask you…is it just a case of a marijuana aficionado finding his way onto the right end of the law, or, a plot by the Kardashian clan? Conspiracy theory? Or fact?

I leave the answer to you…