Nipsey Vapes On His Victory Lap

Looks like Nipsey Hussle will be making another victory lap with his new business venture and he’ll be “counting up that loot” all the way to the finish line.

With another notch on his belt, the Los Angeles MC Nipsey Hussle is having the best year ever.  After teaming up with The Cure Company to collaborate on a strain of Cannabis he coins the “Marathon OG” strain, Nipsey has expanded to include Vape Pens and Cartridges in his Marathon OG collection – a merchandising sovereignty aptly named after his mixtape series.

Taking to Instagram this afternoon with an exclusive sneak peek at the product packaging, there is no official word on when the vape pens and cartridges will hit the consumer for sale online or on the shelves.

Nipsey Hussle, born and raised on the south side of Los Angeles, is best known for his most recent album entitled Victory Lap.  After releasing a slew of mix tapes for over a decade, Victory Lap remains his claim to commercial success.  Able to jockey his lyrical prowess into other entrepreneurial endeavors, Nipsey unveiled his Marathon Clothing store to Los Angeles back in June of 2017.  Located on the corner of Slauson and Crenshaw, the retail shop is more than just a store.  He calls it a “smart store” – a place where customers can not only purchase merchandise, but use an app to preview exclusive content from the artist.  Follow Nipsey on Instagram for merchandise updates.








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