Is Drake A Battle Rapper?

He is the best-selling rapper of 2018, the self-proclaimed 6 God, and unfortunately for Drake, he is the most recent victim of Pusha “Tea.”

On the ‘always entertaining’ Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal, Pusha T debunked the idea that Kanye West was the messenger behind Drake’s baby mama drama.  It was instead, Drake’s long-time friend and producer, Noah Shebib “40” in an incidental “pillow talk” session with an unnamed female.

Prior to Pusha T’s most recent media appearance, it was Champagne Papi who chose to take this beef off the mic and into the barber chair with LeBron James’ and HBO’s The Shop. Drizzy had very controversial commentary advocating for “rules” in battle rap.

“Rap purists and people who love confrontation, they love to say, ‘There’s no rules to this [expletive]’ There are [expletive] rules to this [expletive],” Drake said.

Having caught heat from Styles P and rap fans alike, it has brought up a question.  Is Drake a real battle rapper and are there rules in the rap biz?

The funny thing about this debate is how many people would laugh at the idea of Drake as a battle rapper, but it goes deeper than that. Drake’s “pop star that raps” persona doesn’t give him good PR in the meat and potatoes of the hip-hop community, but one would be hard-pressed finding a rapper with the set on him that Drake has.

Even with a name like Aubrey, the 6 God has proven to show no mercy with his willingness to throw shots at multiple rappers. Tyga, Kid Cudi, and Common have all fallen victim to the Toronto-rapper’s subliminal disses. On the other hand, Meek Mill and Push were clear subjects of Drake’s more obvious feuds.

And while we have plenty of evidence of Drake’s courage and lyrical potency, there is something for someone who claims to “study rap battles for a living.”  Maybe it is because he is zero to one in rap battles, after failing to defeat King Push, but I can’t hold that against him. Drake is not the first rapper to have children floating around.

Maybe it is the fact he decided to take the high road and put to death one of the most embarrassing rap beefs with Meek Mill.  Instead, Drake’s shortcoming as a battle rapper absolutely comes from his statement that there are rules, especially given that his comments took place in the safest interview environment possible.

Don’t get me wrong. His gripes absolutely make sense as multiple sclerosis is a serious matter. It also definitely does not equate to the mentioning of King Push’s wife that sparked “The Story of Adidon.”

But this is rap, and if we’re going to point fingers, Drizzy started it.  Like any kindergartner on the playground will tell you, those that start “it” are deserving of all the ensuing smoke.  It’s not like Pusha T was only allowed to respond in an equally insulting manner.

No, you go for the kill and ultimately the “dub.”

After all of these “interview fingers”, maybe there’s a snowball’s chance that these two get back in the booth.  But seriously, the best alternative to another diss track would be this podcast. Keep the messiness alive, Joe.