Break-Up To Make-Up For Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson?

The relationship between twenty-four year old Pete Davidson and twenty-five year old Ariana Grande moved at mach speeds as young love does and now the couple has called it quits.

The highly publicized five-month whirlwind courtship that culminated in an engagement between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson ended quickly after their official engagement announcement.  It was only September 29th when Davidson poked fun at his relationship during the Saturday Nite Live season premier on the ‘Weekend Update’ segment, stating,

“Grande’s the number one pop star in the world and I’m that guy from SNL that everyone thinks is in desperate need of more blood.”

Perhaps even Davidson himself believed Ariana Grade was out of his league and their relationship was too good to be true or maybe they never granted themselves the opportunity to move at slower speeds and get to the crux of the relationship.

It was only June when the couple, who after just several weeks of dating, decided to solidify the commitment with a wedding engagement and purchase a New York apartment together at the cost of $16 million.

Still, Davidson holds out hope that the couple can reconcile and share a round two together and it’s not out of the question as sources tell People Magazine that Davidson has moved out but “the pair is rather unpredictable and they were really in love.”

Plans for a wedding never came to fruition, though, in an interview with Good Morning America, Ariana told the hosts that she and family were bouncing around ideas for a wedding that was to be held in 2019.

“It’s really fun brainstorming ideas.  I work so much that I’ve never spent so much time planning something that’s personal, that feeds my soul and my heart so much.  I’m gonna cry.  I’m just so excited.”

For now, the couple is healing and getting back to life apart while Davidson maintains his sense of humor.  At a benefit in West Hollywood on Saturday, he told reporters that “he didn’t want to be here.  There’s a lot going on you can imagine.”

With that being said he went on to joke,

“Does anybody have any open rooms?  Anyone looking for a roommate and a recommendation for laser tattoo removal?”