Gucci Mane’s metamorphosis is the work of an Evil Genius

With the release of Evil Genius, Gucci Mane proves he can continue to deliver that homemade trap sound despite a complete metamorphosis of his former self.

An about face would be an understatement to describe the extreme mind, body, and spirit 180 for Atlanta native Gucci Mane who spent a sizable portion of the last eighteen years vacillating between wealth, fame, and the clanking sounds of prison bars as a result of various questionable criminal involvements and probation and parole violations.

Even still, a higher power had a hand in Gucci’s destiny as he managed to bypass a potentially long-suffering sentence in 2005 when a murder charge was dropped on his behalf due to insufficient evidence, and emerge unscathed after a long-term toxic relationship with drugs and Lean.

Gucci has since woken up from the addictions that forced him to fight for his life and being the product of a childhood spent in an environment riddled with crime, drugs, and suffering that, sadly, does not have others facing the same lucky fate as Mr. Davis is a journey in and of itself.

When one ascends out of the depths that kept them nailed to a life of depravity, living less than their worth, the ways in which that higher power rewards you can’t help but trickle over into every aspect of your personal life and for La Flare, that just might be his wife Keyshia Ka’oir who keeps him grounded.

There is something to be said about leading an existence that’s clean and healthy in all the ways life has to offer so abundance can come to full manifestation.  Though he has shed the majority of his old self, there are still signs of Guwop within his latest project Evil Genius.

The album really heats up five tracks in with my favorite cut Cold Shoulder that features a guest verse from Young Boy Never Broke Again and, expectedly so, included on the album is the successfully mainstream track Wake Up In The Sky.

A healthy and balanced Gucci has produced much clarity on the mic with the same sound he is synonymous for.  It is the type of transformation that could only take place as a result of an Evil Genius at work.  One who has left the past so far behind him that he can now begin to enjoy his accolades.