Bible Mami is your new favorite artist. Here’s why.

Meet Bible Mami, an Australian based artist who combines various genres to create a gentle sound dipped in emotion and attitude.

We caught up with Bible Mami to discuss her inspirations, music career, and her most successful song Trap Beats and Bad Bi*ches.

Could you tell us a little about yourself? Who is Bible Mami? What do people not know about you?

I’m pretty much just an Australian gal who’s been making music since [expletive] forever. Bible Mami is an extension of my person, kind of like a cooler more matured version of myself. People often think that the persona is me, but the truth is that there’s a bit of a disconnect. I value my privacy, so originally Bible Mami was just a way of keeping my real name safe. Over time, I realized that I could use this separation to experiment creatively without those experimentations being locked onto my name and my identity.

Your SoundCloud bio contains three cities, London, Bruxelles, Canberra, as your hometown. Why are these cities significant? Were you born in one? Do you currently live in another?

I grew up as a little kid in London, my base city is Canberra, and I lived in Brussels from 2015-2018. These cities mean a lot to me as I’ve called them all home.

Describe your sound? What type of music do you make?

Well, that’s a difficult question! Most people put my music into the pop genre- which I agree with, but I started on rap beats, and I like to throw in influences from rap and indie, and whatever feels right. I think my music is difficult to categorize personally, but the ‘type’ of music I make is never something I consider. I write what I feel.

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Who are your musical influences and how have they influenced you?

Artists like Corbin, Yung Lean, Sophie Meiers, and Amir Obe. I think each one of them is just, so [expletive] talented, and they influence me more than most other artists. To be real, I pull inspiration from everything I listen to, from Tash Sultana to A$AP Rocky. I used to listen pretty heavily to trap, but now the music I primarily listen to can be more demonstrated in what I create.

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What do you seek to achieve from music? For instance: to travel the world, therapeutic experiences, to share a message?

I never went into music with a particular goal you know? I just thought “why not release this song I just wrote” and it snowballed into the biggest part of my life. Something I’m really happy with. However, I think to move on; the main goal is to make music that someone wants to listen to like 40 times on repeat. Music that people enjoy and has an impact on them. I also want to perform some live shows and of course be able to live off what I love to do!

Who is your dream collaboration?

I gotta say, Loyle Carner. I’m absolutely in love with everything he creates, and even though stylistically we’re not the same, I feel like there’s some space to create something sick. Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t include Tyler the Creator both on a production and rap level. To be real, I have so many dream collaborations I can’t even list them.

Let’s discuss “Trap Beats and Bad Bit*hes” what inspired you to make it?

I’m not the biggest party girl or someone who even goes out a lot so the song is about wanting to be cooler and having this boujie lifestyle that’s so commonly presented on social media. I think all of us see rappers with like ten bands and a fu*k ton of ice and kind of see it as this unattainable thing. However, the song is about feeling that way through the music. It’s difficult to describe. However, like I could be at home listening to trap music in my bed eating KFC and feeling hype.

Could you discuss the creative process?

My creative process starts in one of three ways.

One way is hearing a beat and being inspired by it, where the words come to me and I take it in a direction that I like.

2nd is writing a lyric, or hearing a word that makes me write out a couple of lines then working around it.

3rd is feeling so strongly about something or someone that I write an entire song without a beat and then make one myself or go to a more talented producer. However, I always take time to write things. I come back like ten times over a couple of weeks to make changes to the lyrics, so they’re perfect. I think writing is one of, if not my strongest talents as an artist. Many people can sing, it takes a little more to write something that means something. That’s why I put so much time into the creative/writing process.

Could you break down some of the lyrics, the ones you deem the most important?

My favorite lyric in Trap Beats and Bad Bit*hes is “I just don’t understand, why can’t I drop 50 thousand in Japan,” which is basically just taking Famous Dex’s lyric on “Japan” (I just popped a xan, fifty thousand in Japan) and bringing it back to the whole idea of wanting that boujie lifestyle.

Another key lyric would be in the chorus singing that trap music “make(s) me feel like I’m so much more than I am” which is about feeling like you are ‘getting lit’ even if you’re in the least fun situation. It’s about feeling that music and somehow connecting even though you can’t relate.

What’s next for Bible Mami? Do you have a project coming?

There is a lot on the way! I’ve been working on a bunch of singles, and there an EP and more on the way. I think it’s going to be sick to put more high quality (not just a song I recorded on my phone) music out there.



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