Nick Cannon on Ariana Grande: There’s no thin line between a “woman and a little pop star”

Uh-oh.  Nick Cannon has teenage fans of Ariana Grande big mad over his afternoon tea-spilling comments.

The perfectly media trained, industry groomed, pink pop perfection that is known as Ariana Grande became the topic of conversation on the Wendy Williams Show.

After suffering complications from Graves’ disease, Nick Cannon has stood in as guest host during Wendy’s health hiatus and during the audience favorite Hot Topics segment, it didn’t take long for the self-proclaimed “bound to say anything” Cannon brought up the pop star princess and her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson.

This is about the time where teenage fanatics of the Thank U Next singer will want to grab some earmuffs and cover their ears.  For us older folk, the comments weren’t “shadeful” or shocking (I guess it’s a cougar thing) but you know what was?  The fact that Pete and Nick have a friendship outside of the industry.  WTF?!

Cannon revealed that during a hang out session in Brooklyn, he and Pete had some good old-fashioned conversation about courtship in 2019 after pictures of the 25 year-old Pete Davidson and 45 year-old actress Kate Beckinsale out on the town surfaced via online tabloids.

Old flame meet new rumored flame.

And Nick’s taking all the credit for Pete’s new mature boo.  He divulged to the audience that he gave Pete some sage advice about women and botched “tiny bbq” tattoos,

“Get you an older woman, man.  Leave them little pop stars alone.  An older woman doesn’t play games.  Those little pop stars get Japanese menus tattooed on their backs from Sushi restaurants.  That’s young girl stuff.  Young girls are too much.”

Don’t worry, before people get all up in arms, Cannon apologized for his “loudness” in advance and used the self-deprecating humor tactic to laugh at his own past love tattoos, joking about how he once got Mariah Carey’s name tattooed across his back.  “But that was for love.”

Then he took his shot at Halle Berry, professing to his celebrity crush that he’s “still got some more tattoo space.  Call me.”  And though he called out to all cougars to send him a DM, what he’s really going to get is swarms of angry teenage emojis from her 144 million Instagram followers.

Is anyone else more shocked that the comments weren’t about the fact that she doesn’t write her own songs?!