Wait..did Halsey just blast G-Eazy and his cheating ways?

Halsey had the writing splattered all over the wall during SNL.

In a recent appearance on Saturday Night Live where she wore duel hats as both host and musical guest, there was nothing subliminal during her first performance of the night for her fan-favorite single Without Me.  The internet thinks that was ballsy of Halsey.  They also wonder if it’s a little messy.

“I’m so sorry Ashley, I cheated” was the message splattered all over the backdrop of the intimate SNL stage.  Overt, definitely not sweet but simple.  Wait, who’s Ashley?  The New Jersey born Halsey is formally known as Ashley Nicolette Frangipane.

The ex-couple who met at a party made their relations available for public consumption in late 2017 when G-Eazy brought her out on stage to profess his love, shocking the world.  Mostly because nobody knew who G-Eazy was until his single No Limit put him on the map.


Things appeared to heat up fast and furiously.  They were attached at the hip for collaborative tracks like Him & I, performances on stage,  doted on each other during interviews, they trick or treated on Halloween in couple’s costumes, displayed extremely lovey dovey PDA sessions around the globe for all of Instagram before things went left in the summer of 2018.

Around the time that online publications began speculating a split, Halsey took to social media to officially proclaim the two were “taking some time apart.”  What does that even mean?  Do you need distance to grow closer?  In support of “feeling the need to inform your fans” she offered up half-truths with a whole lot of innuendos.

The relationship dynamic between them had turned toxic but two months after the break-up, they went in for round two.  Which didn’t last longer than a full moon cycle.


G-Eazy had been spotted canoodling with other females, they blocked each other on social media, commenced radio silence on the communication and it was over.  Publicly at least.

And while she’s sending speculative messages of the locations her ex-love cheated (from Chicago to Minneapolis, at home in Los Angeles and even places he can’t even remember), time and introspection will lead to healing as she learns to find herself after love turns toxic.

Here’s to hoping she doesn’t need a round three.