NoTrace premieres ‘Vibrations’ ft. Glenn Travis

Minnesota based rapper NoTrace premieres the lyric video for “Vibrations” on Rhyme Junkie.

According to NoTrace, “Vibrations is a perfect way to introduce my artistry and vibe to people because anybody and everybody can relate to the feeling that you get when your heart breaks. It’s not only about heartbreak, but overcoming it, learning through it and becoming a better person after.”

Born into a musical family in Chicago, NoTrace’s family tree includes The Emotions, the all-female Grammy winning soul/R&B outfit famous for “Best of My Love” and “Boogie Wonderland,” along with a father who played bass, and uncles who never stopped singing. While growing up, NoTrace’s influences included Tupac and Three 6 Mafia.

His name – NoTrace – resulted from his innate empathic nature. Quiet and shy, he can slip away without any trace. Yet when performing, he’s electrified by energy, slinging clever rhymes with glossy flow on slick contagious beats and tight melodies. His sound blends flavors of pop, R&B, dance, and hip-hop into music with surging resonance while his lyrics convey an authentic sensitivity to women and relationships.

A true indie artist, NoTrace releases his music through his NTE Music Group with tracks featured on Bad Girls All Star Battle, Double Divas, E! News Special, E! News Live, House of Curves, Lucky Bastards, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Sec Gridiron Live!, Total Divas, and MTV’s Made.

Produced by Dan DFS Johnson, Vibrations opens on a coruscating piano flowing into a potent trap groove. Skintight percussion holds the rhythm in place as sparkling synth accents accompany the vivid piano. The cavernous thump of the beat contrasts against the mid-range tones of the keys, infusing the tune with dual layers of sonic texture.

NoTrace’s flow is tight and right, delivering snug rhymes on captivating timbres. On the chorus, suave, radiant falsetto tones enter, giving the harmonics smooth melodic savors, luminous and elusively tantalizing.

The rhymes, full of worry and regret, also project ardent hopefulness.

“Damn / ‘Cause life is so hard / Trying to put the pieces together / But then they fall apart / Damn / ‘Cause life is so dark / But now I understand life a lil better.”

With Vibrations, NoTrace delivers the goods. An infectious melody, buff beat, and prevailing flow make this banger a must listen-to.