Lil Wayne lyrics up for sale (Can someone loan me $250k?)

While a Lil Wayne diary may not be as rare as the last surviving copy of Voltaire’s handwritten philosophical musings, it certainly is valuable.  Ya dig?

A notebook chalked full of Weezy lyrics for sale?  You might be saying to yourself “that’s strange” considering the name Lil Wayne has forever been synonymous with an emcee that pens nothing on paper.

We’ve known for decades that the mastermind behind quips like “Suck this thuggish ruggish bone, swallow that bone marrow”  or “When I met Codeine, it was love at first Sprite”  or “Like a circle full of knives, I’ve got the sharpest flow around,”  (indeed, he does) freestyles off the dome, empties the hippocampus trash bin after each studio session like a mac computer so he can free up his mental landscape for newer and more absurdly clever punchlines.

But it’s true.  According to TMZ, the rare notebook of lyrical scribblings including an unintelligible doodle is now up for grabs.  In all of Lil Wayne’s outlandish creativity, he redefined for all of us what a metaphorical genius sounds like.  Make no mistake, he was the first emcee to blow the minds all over the faces of peers and hip-hop fans, never to be replicated since.

Once upon a time, the G.O.A.T. who got his start with the Hot Boyz with hits like We On Fire and I Feel can find these lyrics among the decent conditioned pages to add to their collection of celebrity memorabilia.

The only problem?  The notebook isn’t “for sale by owner.”  Apparently, a vehicle once owned and used by the Cash Money Records team was given back to the car dealership and one lucky (nosy) New Orleans employee discovered the notebook and took it upon himself to store it away in a safe location (a garage).  Urban legend has it that the notebook almost met its fate by being swept away with Hurricane Katrina but with minor water damage, it is now in the hands of the autograph dealers Moments In Time.

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And now it can be yours for $250,000.  I would purchase it but it’s not one of those classic spiral-bound Mead notebooks that are my favorites.  (Yeah, that’s it.  It has nothing to do with price.)

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