Doja Cat’s Hot Pink is the music fans never knew we needed

Doja Cat released Hot Pink, her sophomore album, that gives us all the music we didn’t know we missed.

Not in a literal sense, nobody buys physical albums anymore, but you should definitely stream it because it is a very good album. Not in a Nas Illmatic way, but more in a Nicki Minaj Pink Friday type of vibe. A little pop. A little rap. She definitely bars down throughout the album.

“Play with my p***y, but don’t play with my emotions.”

Doja Cat evens adds a little emo flare with a sample of Blink 182’s “What’s My Age Again” on “Bottom B***h”. Nostalgia like you read about.

I honestly wasn’t the biggest fan of Doja Cat before listening to this album. Don’t get me wrong, “B***h, I’m A Cow” was both catchy and funny, and “Tia Tamera” is a certified jam. I just never really made time to listen to her music outside of those two songs. I think it’s safe to say that has now changed. I will definitely be tuning whenever Doja Cat drops new music, and no, it’s not because of tweets like this:

In it’s entirety, the album sort of has a Nicki Minaj/Baha Men/Blink 182/Daft Punk feel to it, which is a crazy combination of characters but Doja Cat pulls it off well. Two common themes throughout the album, though, were that Doja Cat (1) likes the sex and (2) likes to talk. Can’t blame her on either account, to be honest.

“You got a fake gold chain on, change that.”