Meet Louisville’s next rising star: JameirKGolden

Meet JameirKGolden, the Louisville, Kentucky rapper that’s soon to be on everyone’s radar in 2020. JameirKGolden is destined to be a star and it shows.

Meet JameirKGolden, the rapper from Louisville, Kentucky who’s been taking over the underground with growing numbers and infectious singles such as “Losing My Mind” and “Mix Match Socks.” Raking in millions of streams across platforms and even trending at the No. 3 spot on Apple Music, JameirKGolden is starting to develop quite cult following devoted to his music.

Raw emotions and unfiltered feelings are exactly what JameirKGolden embodies. Every song that he’s released seems to reflect a tormented mind similar to late rapper XXXTentacion. JameirKGolden draws influences as you can tell, but is still uniquely his own and displays no one but himself through the music he creates in the new wave of rap. It’s honestly no question when it comes to what the appeal of JameirKGolden is: his range of versatility and sense of familiarity.

JameirKGolden’s music touches on a wide range of topics with beats that create immersive atmospheres of some of the most beautifully chilling and heartbreaking tracks, tracks that personify the anger and loneliness of his music. It did not take long for him to catch the attention of major records labels and music companies such as music’s global networking giant Viberate, who did an interview with him where he would go on to discuss his influences and explain the meaning behind his biggest songs.

Late in 2019, he took to his Instagram to announce that he’ll be releasing a couple of music projects for the new year. Since the rise in fame after releasing “Mix Match Socks,” it would allow him to retreat from all the new fame to work on new music and projects. Shortly after, listeners and streams spiked from all the sharing and downloading with the song even gaining the attention of popular YouTuber Ikigai.

Through and through, JameirKGolden is handling the fame very well, keeping himself calm and collected with a very humble and nonchalant attitude about how things have been going for him lately and focusing on being more consistent for the new year.