Who’s up next? 5 Underground Rap Artists to look into

The underground rap scene is only growing from this point on. A wide range of up and coming artists contribute to the culture on a daily basis, helping to expand rap music coverage across the country.

Dee Watkins

Out of Macclenny, Florida, Dee Watkins has subjected his growing underground fan base to his strong Florida accent and nostalgic 90’s Cash Money sounding beats. The similarity between Dee Watkins and other artists near his home region is very clear; although, Watkins diversified his sound by using his own clever lyrics and rhythmic style. It’s hard to pass up on any of the club bangers that he puts out. The release of his first EP, Problem Child set afloat the progress made since the beginning of his career. His very popular single, “H**L Raiser”, targeted many party scenes throughout the summer of 2019. Before he reaches his final form, he’s definitely worth giving a listen.

Swoosh God

He’s been on the scene for a bit longer than the others, his style is also a lot different from the others, out of Valley Stream, NY, Swoosh God is a pure individual all the way down to his name. It’s unclear what kind of terms his affiliation with A$AP Mob is under, but he seems to be a good friend of some of the members. The Mob help put him on the map by featuring his popular single, “Swoosh Me Up”, one of their AWGE DVD films. His single, “Just Do It” also made its way to the NBA 2K20 video game. The way that he raps is simply unexplainable, but the man has bars, so check him out.


If you follow a lot of Atlanta rappers who post music onto SoundCloud, chances are, REDDO has probably popped up on your weekly compilation playlist put together by the app. REDDO has a similar sound of a young Gunna, with a tough Georgia accent, and slowed up trap beats. His most played song is “Leave It To Beaver”, with a very catchy cadence and simple lyrics. If you’re a fan of the Atlanta sounds of today, RADIO is for you.

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Lil’ Candy Paint

This young guy is talented in projecting his rapping skills with heavy autotune and creative rhyme schemes. Lil’ Candy Paint hails from Chicago… but he’s not with the infamous GLOGang. In the year 2018, his hard work and affiliation with fellow underground artist Duwap Kaine gave him a good amount of exposure. Within the past year, Lil’ Candy Paint has put out a lot of heartfelt work, being one of the more talented soulful underground Atlanta rappers, while still intriguing audiences interested in harder lyrics from time to time. Lil’ Candy Paint will eventually be on the charts but until then, keep him on your radar.


Unlike the rest of the guys on the list, Hercc hasn’t gotten the same amount of exposure across all platforms. His 2019 EP, Another Beautiful Day made some vibrations in his local Arizona community, but it isn’t easy being a rapper from such a quiet place as AZ as far as the rap scene. After dropping another EP in 2020, titled Heartbreak Hercc, he decided to spread the video for his single, “Jesus”, by posting it under nearly every popular video or meme that surfaced Twitter this past week, and he’s still going strong. Whether the idea is genius or worn out, you can’t knock his hustle. Hercc has some lyrical skill and he certainly could be “up next”.




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