Hip Hop: Dave East heats up on new song, “Really Wit Me”

Dave East has been a lethal spitter since he entered the rap game in 2010. As he has matured over ten years and gained a compact following, his music has only gotten better, including his new song, “Really Wit Me”.

Hailing from the great state of New York, Dave East did not exactly grow up in what would be considered a comfortable environment. He spent time in Harlem and Queensbridge throughout his adolescence, the rugged streets of the communities definitely played a large part in East’s music interest and connections.

When he finally walked away from college basketball, Dave East found more time to pick up a microphone and perfect his rap ability. After releasing 6 mixtapes to build a solid foundation for his catalog, East was finally signed to Nas’s Mass Appeal Records in 2014. This signing brought 2 more mixtapes out of the artist, from under the label. These tapes were titled, Black Rose and Hate Me Now. 

Dave East eventually gained a huge amount of positive reviews on both tapes, along with many established features for Hate Me Now and singles released since signing.

What makes Dave East so special? There is a list of out-shining attributes that no one can take away from Dave East. He has a place in hip hop as one of the best young lyricists, who also possesses a great talent for freestyling.

As Dave East comes from a city that is responsible for playing a part in producing some of the most legendary artists in hip hop, he seems to be one of the chosen ones for this generation.

2017 provided fans of his with Paranoia: A True Story, An EP that towered over his previously released content. This tape held 3 hit singles and peaked at #9 on the Billboard 200. After releasing a successful sequel for this tape, East created another series of tapes titled Karma, which solidified his presence and place in hip hop for years to come.

Dave East finally released his debut album, Survival, in 2019, while also exercising his most famous acting role as Method Man in the Hulu series, Wu-Tang: An American Saga. The album did numbers, and perfectly projected the skills that Dave has.

As fans are waiting on East’s release of Karma 3, he decided to release a track and video for his newest song, “Really Wit Me”. This song re-enters the storytelling realm which East usually commits to on most songs. The video shows East in New York, walking through different locations, and just stunting with his people in his city.

It’s always good to hear a natural talent rapping in his most comfortable environment. Dave East is truly in a state of peace while he rhymes on this one. Make sure to give “Really Wit Me” a play, and stay patient for Karma 3.