Hip Hop: LB Spiffy drops new video + 5 Things to know about him

LB Spiffy is an up and coming hip hop artist out of Jane & Finch, Canada. His wave is growing fast and his age is perfect to begin gaining a following.

While LB Spiffy’s music may not be the most popular in the United States yet, it is only a matter of time until he blows up on all platforms around the world.

LB Spiffy is an 18-year-old rapper hailing from Jane & Finch with co-signs by Drake and Kylie Jenner respectively whose content is quickly on the rise. His latest release, “Not Lyin,” has already racked up more than 145K views for the official video – a number which continues to grow daily.

5 things to know about rising artist LB Spiffy

1. LB Stands For “Loyal Boss”

Even before LB Spiffy completed high school, he amassed a loyal following of two million views and counting on YouTube. That alone (for a then 16-year-old) who was already popular with his classmates, granted him his new moniker, LB.

2. Drake & Kylie Jenner Co-Sign

LB’s 2017 release “My Phone” grabbed Drake’s attention followed by Kylie Jenner, who bumped LB’s track “Situations” at the top of the year.

3. NBA2K Assisted His Growing Fanbase

LB reached international audiences when he repurposed his music for NBA2K reels on YouTube.

“There were a lot of 2K players that listened to it because a lot of YouTubers were posting it in their mixtapes, so a lot of people online from the States were listening to the music,” he previously told VICE.

4. Lil Tecca Beef

Lil Tecca was accused of stealing LB’s flow and in response to it all, LB simply called Tecca “his son.”

5. LB Spiffy’s Only Getting Started

Sitting on a hot new release, “Not Lyin,” with more release, videos, and an EP on the way, LB Spiffy is only getting started and will provide hits for your upcoming summer playlist.

Keep him in mind, and watch as he rises as a hip hop artist. You can keep up with LB Spiffy via Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.