Hip Hop: Interview – Jwalt is certainly a hot-spitting Bay Prodigy

The next big thing to come from the Bay in terms of lyricism in the rap game is surely an 18-year-old poet and rapper named Jwalt.

The Rhyme Junkie Team decided to sit down with Jwalt and do an exclusive interview to understand his music life and what gives him his drive…

  1. Your mini-doc shows how you were rapping at a very young age of 13. Do you feel like your artistic craft has changed in terms of steps taken to make a song or do you still stay true to your original way of creating? Jwalt responded, “Things have changed as far as what I talk about obviously” which comes with getting older, “but as far as creating things, I’ve mostly stayed true to myself and still choose to write and such, the same way that I started”.
  2. Being from the Bay Area, you have talked about different rappers that have influenced your sound, who would you say has the most influence on your sound? Do you see yourself as too different to be compared to others? “I definitely have some names that I would say have influenced me to rap the way that I do, but in terms of individuality, it would be kind of hard to compare to others because of how I differ from others from the Bay area in what I choose to talk about”.

    Jwalt. Image Courtesy Ryan Corr (GardenstateHipHop)

    Jwalt. Image Courtesy Ryan Corr (GardenstateHipHop)

  3. This generation is obviously lacking in the lyricism aspect of rap music severely, how would you say that you fit in as far as providing influential lyrics in the game and being a younger guy? “Yeah, so the game is definitely not taking lyricism as serious right now, but I’ve always been into poetry and being a poet as well as rap, so I would say that I am definitely one of the better lyricists in my age bracket for sure!”
  4. Your mini-doc also showed how much your family is involved in your music life, what things do you think you would miss out on if they were not as involved? “Mostly support, without my family around, it would be kind of hard. I always look for my parents’ approval once I finish a song to see how they like it because I feel like they have the most important opinion on what I make. Not even just my parents but my family as a whole, they come to most of my performances and my brother even helps me record sometimes so I would really be missing out on a lot of help and support”.
  5. Being in a concert line-up with hip hop icons such as Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, and Too Short at such a young age is a higher accomplishment than most younger artists can say that they’ve achieved. Did performing alongside those guys give you any ideas, inferences, or new perspectives on how far your music can take you? “They really showed me how far I can take music. They’re still performing and selling out venues at their age and that’s where I want to be, they really preached to me about staying true to myself and the importance of longevity”.
  6. Did any of those OGs give you any food for thought, off-camera, to carry with you throughout your lifetime? “I spoke with a lot of guys off-camera, like Too Short and others but for the most part, I talked with Raekwon for a while after the show. He told me how dope he thought I was and the fact that I’m so interested in lyricism will really carry me further and help me benefit from that longevity”.
  7. You must be excited about the release of your EP, Yours Truly, will the project have any overall message for your fans, supporters, or any young artists working to be next up? “Definitely, I would say that the main message would just be to stay true to yourself”.
  8. You’ve remixed many different artists’ songs on your Youtube channel, who would be your dream artist to work with on a track for yourself? “It would be close between Kendrick and J. Cole, but I think I would want it to be with J. Cole because I think we could make a good, classic, everlasting hip hop song for real hip hop fans to listen to. I would also love to work with Lauryn Hill, I think she’s dope and always has been, she’s in my top 5 for sure”.

When asked about how his indefinite mentors have helped him mentally throughout the journey, Jwalt also added, “Sway has been a great help and admirer of my career. He peeped that I was a legit rapper when I was much younger, he even had me performing at the first-ever Swayfest on Swayday in the Bay area, where I’m from, which was huge. It’s really an honor to have him in my corner, think so confidently of me and praise my art”.

“Logic is another guy who has been in my corner for a while, he understands my fascination with lyricism and he’s definitely one of my mentors who is always giving good advice and he is stern on reminding me to stay true to myself”.

“G-Eazy told me to just keep putting on for the Bay area and do it all for the Bay area, we’re both from there and he really helped put the area on to a global scale for this generation and I admire him for believing in me so much”.

He is a prime act to keep an eye out for in the near future. His skills will only get better as time progresses…

Sitting down with Jwalt was a pleasure!

On behalf of myself and the Rhyme Junkie Team,

Thank You for reading!

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