Hip Hop: Young Thug and Chris Brown have brought their fans a tape

Another surprise has come to the hip hop community this month. Young Thug and Chris Brown are tapping into each of their R&B styles while also bringing some bars on to their new tape…

Both artists being from the south is one thing that they have in common, but there is definitely a list of differences in Young Thug and Chris Brown. Their differences are not only in their music but in style and many other things as well, which can be scoped out by fans of each artist. Chris Brown, who claimed his fame in the early 2000s, has had a much more spotlighted life throughout the course of his career.

Young Thug, however, has faced legal trouble and has been known to have a temperament, but he has been able to avoid a bit of the full details about his situations being leaked. He also gained worldwide fame at a much older age than Brown, so it is only natural that he would have less worry and room for maturity.

Straying away from their personal information, their music on Slime & B is what matters. This tape is intriguing to listeners simply because of the way that both artists are able to harmonize with each other.

On every beat, they can put together a handful of melodies and unify listeners’ feelings and make “feel-good” music, of course with an exception for songs full of heartbreak.

While they may have come up in different ways, they do have some things in common. Brown is known to have faced a bunch of tribulations en route to his considerably legendary pop culture status.

In the other artist on this tape, Young Thug, some of the same amounts of regret and struggle may exist. This could be one reason Brown and Thug on a tape together, is in fact, a compatible and predictable scenario in addition to both working with the same artists in the past.

Thugger is one of the leaders of the new school and he has been since becoming a popular act with the release of his hit single “Stoner” in 2013.

Two years later he dropped his debut commercial mixtape, often considered his debut “album”, Barter 6. That tape ultimately etched Thugger’s name in stone as an artist with power and talent. With qualities like those, come great opportunities, such as working with any artist you would like.

Both artists are clever with lyrics, and they can both sing and rap. The combination of both types of music has always been culturally uplifting for hip hop fans. The benefits of having two great artists work on a mixtape together, without being a usual duo, are endless.

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Now would be a good time for you to go listen to Slime & B by Chris Brown and Young Thug.

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